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Tribunals of Inquiry

Tribunals of Inquiry are established by the Oireachtas to investigate matters of urgent public importance. Their role is to establish the facts in situations that very often have seized the public's attention and become matters of serious public interest. The very first Irish Tribunal was established in 1926 to investigate retail prices. Since then, Tribunals have been used to investigate such key events as the:

  • Whiddy Island Disaster
  • Stardust tragedy
  • Kerry Babies discovery

In more recent times we have had Tribunals of Inquiry into:

  • The Beef Industry
  • The shooting of John Carty ("Abbeylara")
  • The Blood Transfusion Service
  • Garda corruption
  • Clerical sexual abuse of children
  • Planning corruption and payments to politicians

Tribunals receive huge levels of media coverage, and individuals caught up in them can find themselves the focus of a media storm.

Our firm has acted for parties before both the Mahon and Moriarty Tribunals, most extensively in the latter, and has developed an unrivalled appreciation of the impact these Tribunals can have on the rights and reputations of those involved.